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Shelley Automation is able to offer all our customers a competitively priced compressor care package.  Whether it be a scheduled service or a breakdown situation our network of trusted partners helps maintain your air supply – and therefore production.  Primarily covering the West and South Yorkshire area but also further afield based on customer requirements.  The primary types of compressor we care for are screw, rotary vane, centrifugal and piston.  This can be any size from a 2.2kw piston machine up to a 600kw centrifugal unit.  We also supply ancillary products allowing the customer to self-maintain, for example oil, air filters, oil filters, bearings and belts.

Manufacturers maintained:

  • HPC
  • Hydrovane CompAir
  • Mark
  • Boge
  • Worthington
  • Broomwade
  • Atlas Copco

To maintain a healthy water free air line we also offer compressed air dryers, both refrigerant and desiccant plus oil removal filters and air receivers.

Written Schemes of Examination

As a compressed air system is a health and safety risk we can offer through a trusted partner this service.

A written scheme of examination is a document that details items within a pressure system that necessitate examination by a competent examiner/person.  These items cover a wide range of products and pressure equipment that are installed into a pressure system.  The following equipment that may be considered for inclusion are:

Pressure Storage Units

Protective Devices

  1. Air Receivers
  2. Boilers
  3. Autoclaves
  4. Gas Cylinders
  5. Pressure Cookers
  1. Pressure Gauges
  2. Safety Valves
  3. Pipework
  4. Level Indicators
  5. Pressure and Temperature Switches

Air Leak Audits

Although compressed air is a very versatile product the cost of producing it is very high and air leaks are a major headache as it can add significant costs to a company’s bottom line.  Shelley Automation can conduct data logging and ultra-sonic air leak audits.  With this service you get a full break down of where the leaks are located as well as a tagging system with a costing sheet detailing your losses.  Making use of this service has saved one of our customer’s £20,000 per annum in electricity alone. 

For further details on any of the above services and the legal requirements behind written schemes of examination please contact the office.

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