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Shelley Automation offer widest range of pneumatic actuators  both new and used options. No matter your budget or need, from delicate movements to heavy-duty tasks, their diverse inventory and expert team ensure you find the perfect fit. Don't settle for less, unlock pneumatic power with Shelley Automation!


Festo DZP Twin Guide Unit Norgren PRA series cylinder Norgren ISO/VDMA new series cylinder SMC MGPM and Festo ADVUL guide cylinders Norgren RM/900 series imperial cylinders

Shelley Automation supply all major manufacturers of pneumatic actuators in both metric and imperial bores.

Shelley Automation reigns supreme in the UK's pneumatic actuator arena, boasting an immense and diverse arsenal from both industry giants and niche players. This ensures you find the perfect match for your specific needs and budget, no matter how unique.

Linear actuators, the undisputed kings of popularity, come in a variety of styles, including:

  • Triple rod: Offering exceptional stability and guidance for heavy loads.
  • Rodless: Boasting sleek designs and unparalleled freedom of movement, perfect for space-constrained applications.
  • ISO 6432, ISO 15552, ISO21287: These standardized profiles ensure compatibility with a wide range of equipment.
  • NORGEN HEAVY DUTY M/1000, M/900: Built for brute force, these heavy-duty actuators tackle the most demanding applications with ease.

Let's explore some of the major manufacturers gracing Shelley Automation's shelves:

  • Norgren: A major player in the industry, synonymous with quality and unwavering reliability. They offer a wide range of actuators, including the popular NORGEN HEAVY DUTY series.
  • Festo: A global leader in automation, known for their high-performance and diverse range of actuators.
  • SMC: This global giant offers a mind-boggling selection of actuators for various applications.
  • Matata: Renowned for their innovative designs and focus on performance and efficiency.
  • Camozzi: Combining cutting-edge designs with competitive prices, Camozzi actuators offer exceptional value.
  • Pneumax: For those seeking a balance of quality and affordability, Pneumax actuators are a popular pick.

Shelley Automation's commitment to stocking a comprehensive range of reliable and reputable manufacturers makes them the undisputed champion for all your pneumatic actuator needs in the UK. So, whether you're tackling a demanding industrial project or a delicate lab experiment, Shelley Automation has the perfect pneumatic actuator waiting to be unleashed.

ISO6431 (VDMA) BRAND ISO6432 (mini)
60M2L063A0050 Camozzi 24NA025A25
DNC-63-025-PPV-A Festo DSNU-25-25-PPV
PES63A25DM Joucamatic C25AS25
MCQA-11-63-050M Matara MCMB-11-25-50-G
1210630050XP Metalwork 1120250025CP
PRA/182063/25 Norgren RM/8025/M/25
P1D-S063MS-0025 Parker P1A-S-25DS-0025
1391.63.25.01 Pneumax 1281.25.25.M
C95SDB63-25 SMC CD85N-25-25C-B
KD200-063-0025 Univer M150-25-025M
PUIX/63/0025M Waircom 25/25DVB

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