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Shelley Automation ltd have access to  the most comprehensive range of new and used pneumatic actuators in the UK.

Festo DZP Twin Guide Unit Norgren PRA series cylinder Norgren ISO/VDMA new series cylinder SMC MGPM and Festo ADVUL guide cylinders Norgren RM/900 series imperial cylinders

Shelley Automation supply all major manufacturers of pneumatic actuators in both metric and imperial bores.

Shelley Automation supply all major and minor manufacturers of pneumatic actuators - the most popular being linear actuators, which come in both rodless and rodded varieties.  The main manufacturers supplied are Allenair, Bimba, Camozzi, Clippard, Fabcoair, Festo, Joucomatic, Norgren, Numatics, Parker, Pneumax, SMC, Univer and Waircom.



Allenair are an American manufacturer of predominantly round-line series cylinders with bores ranging from 7/8” up to 4” and strokes of up to 65” in single -acting, double-acting and thru-rod varieties.  Material construction is either brass or stainless steel, in a lot of cases these are interchangeable with most of the American cylinder manufacturers, for example Bimba, Clippard and Numatics.


Bimba are another American manufacturer of pneumatic equipment and their original line (© Air Cylinder) start at 5/16” bore up to 3” bore and strokes up to 50”.  They also offer a high temperature version (Viton) which works in temperatures of up to 200 0C.  Again, single-acting, double-acting and thru-rod varieties are available.

Range from 10mm up to 200mm and cover all strokes up to a maximum of 3000mm.  They have the engineering facilities to modify cylinders to non-standard for OEM applications.  They also offer a same day dispatch service


Camozzi are a European manufacturer with a Worldwide presence, Head Office in Italy and a factory based in the UK, which means they are able to offer a quick turnaround on all the popular ISO6431 and ISO6432 cylinders. Their standard range is 10mm bore to 200mm bore and certain cylinders are available with stroke up to 3000mm depending on bore. They also are able to supply special cylinders for OEM applications.





Below we have created an easy cross-reference chart for the most popular series in Europe, ISO6431 and ISO6432:

ISO6431 (VDMA) BRAND ISO6432 (mini)
60M2L063A0050 Camozzi 24NA025A25
DNC-63-025-PPV-A Festo DSNU-25-25-PPV
PES63A25DM Joucamatic C25AS25
MCQA-11-63-050M Matara MCMB-11-25-50-G
1210630050XP Metalwork 1120250025CP
PRA/182063/25 Norgren RM/8025/M/25
P1D-S063MS-0025 Parker P1A-S-25DS-0025
1391.63.25.01 Pneumax 1281.25.25.M
C95SDB63-25 SMC CD85N-25-25C-B
KD200-063-0025 Univer M150-25-025M
PUIX/63/0025M Waircom 25/25DVB

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